Monday, May 28, 2012

what if?

After this?


Finally, i get what i want,Himip 2012-2013 choose the leader is akbar,there is no problem with me,just there one messege, Always be creative,always keep fight and always be strugle,because  i believe,Akbar can manage this organisation became from his heart.With Eko,i believe in the next time Eko will bring this organisation into the best with creativity from Komunitas ilmu pemerintahan Anak seni,called KIPAS.

Absolutely i feel  disappointed 'bout this,but it's not the end oh the hystory, The real Strugle begun..
Beside this, i'm happy,lookin to mr.Edi kurniawan and eko baseptriadi,also mr belley apriyaldi help me to lead Himip.And as you know that...I'm really Happy,because of what? they are My favourite brother in ilmu pemerintahan.

I kow the characteristic from the rule,this is more than organisation,this is jungle...the man who can get the Heart from Senior (the older people) Will be the leader,Fuck and freak area..

On my mind, ihave a plan change my basic, i think about Satma PP..they are real...the are brave, and loyal..once again they help me to live base o my vision,Strugle and be brave

the nest,i absolutely with the brother from hmi,ecspecially from Kibernant's brotherhood. but no problem,Betrayer must get best Place on my mind, i have no reason to have a revenge, but if the time is through, i will give them the best way...What i feel now,What mr'Belly feel before, and what my another brother like Putra feeling  now..they must get it..

on my mind,the next.. i will having concentrate to my own body 

1.go to swimming fool once in a week.
2.Focus to hmi or satma maybe
3.Focus to my place ,exam:in bem,or another one
4.I will improve my ability to Speak English,or Germany by allow the  Lest? yeah ,interested
5.On political pratic? yes, i will make something in Factual political 
6.I think, i have big SIN to my brother Putra, i dissapoint him,can't lead himip nowadays

What if? I will never Flat

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