Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Today's just sadness

Today is Sadness day...two week ago is sadness too...
Pelantikan diundur lagi,What;s..nothing it was my false...
Then ..i just ,i never repeat my false...that is fatality..
Just now my mother told me that, Mr.Afzun,my neighbor is dead,because of Allah take him to another place...Peace.

i made one poem for Rizbel,Anindita,kak tika,also bg msbah..the title is "Dihadapan tahta kematian"...When Die is coming to me? i donot know when..i just love my life in the earth....for me my only heaven is here,...because in this place..i can feel happy or sadness....
Just that..
I just
in sadness

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